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Scouting Program

     The Braves, Kateries, Cadets and Guides are four branches of the same Scouting Group which includes the best of the scouting method for our traditional Catholic families today. The Braves and Cadets are designed for boys, Kateris and Guides for girls. The scouting group not only offers activities to the children, but is a real method of education to support and complete the one given in the family and at school. Braves and Kateris prepare children to become Cadets and Guides.


Braves and Kateries

     Braves (boys) and Kateries (girls) are a four year program from 8 -  12 years of age. Under the patronage of the North American Martyrs and of St. Kateri Tekakwitha, the boys and girls meet every other week, separately, for a three hour meeting. Prayer, activities, games and talk with priest and supervisors fill in the meeting. Each child has a sheet with the skills and good habits he has to acquire in order to progress and be promoted to the upper rank.
    All the educators are participating in the signing in as the skills cover the whole life of the child, at home, at school and in the group. Also, the children are invited to work on projects to acquire pins that they can wear on their uniform when all the requisites are done. Once a year during the summer, a 5 to 7 day camp offers the children space to reinforce the skills with outdoor activities, games and camping.


Cadets and Guides
    The Cadets (boys) and Guides (girls) are a four year program from 13 - 17 years of age. The key moment of any Cadet or Guide’s life is the promise they make in front of the staff and their peers. They promise to serve, and this personal engagement becomes the main leverage for the efforts demanded and an incredible help to consent sacrifices against the natural selfishness through the teenage years. Scouting aims to build character, virtues and leadership. It is an unique chance to offer teenagers good friends and activities where they can safely learn how to exercise their freedom, the care of the younger ones, and the practice of leadership. It comes as no surprise that in Europe, most of the vocations come from the scouting movement.
    Divided by patrols, they compete with each other in the practice of skills such as camping, packing, cooking, navigation, observation, communications, or other sports. Leadership is taught as the teens are occupied in activities with one to two daily leadership meetings to correct and report on improvement and difficulties. The year program aims toward the summer camp where acquired skills are put in practice in a two to three week camp in the outdoors.
    Meetings are held once a month by the Patrol Leaders in order to prepare the monthly outing from Friday night to Sunday morning with camping. Both the Guides and Cadets learn these skills, but are set aside from other scouts because they aim to foster Catholic life and Catholic virtues in the youth.

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2023-2024 Scouting  Forms

Click on the links below to download forms for the Braves, Kateries, Cadets, and Guides camps.

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