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Donate to St. Vincent de Paul Church

(For general church donations only.

Mass Stipends should be put in the collection basket or mailed directly to the priest at the priory address.)

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Donate to St. Vincent de Paul Academy

(Tuition payments must go to FACTS Tuition Management)

To donate to Academy with no fees, please follow the directions below.
1.  Log into PayPal (link below).
2.  Click the SEND button.
3.  Under Send Money type in:
    a.  Click NEXT.
4.  Enter the amount of your donation.
    a.  Add a Note of what the donation is for. If for the Jogathon, please

          include the name of the student to be credited.
    b.  Click CONTINUE.
5.  Click CHANGE next to Paying for an item or service (or leave on

     Sending to a Friend).
    a.  Click SENDING TO A FRIEND  (There is no charge for this service.)
    b.  Click on SEND PAYMENT NOW.

Other ways to donate:

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Corporate Match for Charitable Donations

Please check with your employer's HR/Benefits office to see if they offer a corporate match on your charitable donations. The parish has received 10s of thousands of dollars from such matching gifts. It is a simple way to make your financial sacrifice that much more impactful. Capital Campaign, jog-a-thon, even weekly basket contributions and in some cases your volunteer time may qualify. If you have any questions please contact Steve Nienaber at 816-923-0202 extension 555.


By creating an account with and registering St. Vincent’s Academy the AmazonSmile Foundation will donate 0.5% to the school. Click the icon to access the Society of Saint Pius X Kansas City Missouri Inc unique AmazonSmile link that makes it easier for you to find and support St. Vincents.

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Box Tops for Education

Clip and save Box Tops for Education to help raise money for the academy. Click the icon to access the Box Tops for Education website money saving coupons and additional ways to earn box tops for St. Vincents.