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Honoring our Past           Securing our Future

Dear Parishioners,

I wish to begin by expressing gratitude to God for the many gifts which He has given to this parish: a large Gothic church, a proper rectory, a beautiful school. These are only the material gifts. What about the people who acquired them, who maintained them and who now fill them. It is obvious that along the way there was always the right person for the right job.


Those who built up the parish certainly appreciated these gifts, but, an approaching third generation will inherit them, and they must understand their value and sacrifice to maintain them. Those, older in years, who did their part, eagerly wait for younger people to follow in their footsteps.


It has been observed in family businesses that the zeal and hard work which inspired the first two generations did not always carry over to the third, and therefore the business folded. We want to prevent such complacency, and this will be one of the great fruits of the capital campaign.


The campaign is more than just fundraising. It aims at nothing less than to “Restore All Things in Christ.”  It is a reminder of who we are and what we must do. I see the campaign as a cultural boost, making the Church the focus in the lives of your families, and the more we sacrifice for it, the more we value it.


It is not enough that we hand on the gift of the Church to our children, we want them to be taught the lesson of the centrality of the Church in their spiritual and social lives. In a Catholic age the Church was at the center of the city and the center of life where one was baptized, confirmed, married, and buried. It was even the place where Catholic monarchs, the heads of government, were crowned. For us it is all of that and more.


I must thank the volunteers of the various teams who enthusiastically supported this effort with their time, ideas, and action. Our consultant, Joe Akers, has been invaluable. Organizing such an operation is like preparing a new food dish – you have to have a bit of faith in the recipe and directions.


Please enjoy this brochure, which recalls our history and our hope for St. Vincent de Paul Church. I encourage you to pray this novena (see page 7) to our patron. Such a big step forward must be the fruit of prayer. One thinks of the teacher Gamaliel when speaking of the early Church: “If this work be of men, it will come to nought: but if it be of God, you cannot overthrow it.” God bless you.


In the hearts of Jesus and Mary,



Fr. Michael Goldade

Reasons to Act

  • St. Vincent de Paul is fiscally sound, projecting an operating budget surplus for 2015

  • The current budget, while strong, does not have room to absorb major restoration issues.

  • Parishioners are generally enthused about the campaign and the restoration projects.

  • One hundred percent (100%) of campaign contributions will remain at St. Vincent’s and be used solely for restoration projects. There will be no District assessment on campaign contributions.

  • Delaying restoration may result in major damage and unmanageable capital maintenance expense. 

Our Priorities

Phase I

Priority 1 - Roof - photo.jpg

Restore roof – completed. 
Final cost – $131,224.00

Priority 2 - Masonry - photo.jpg

Tuckpoint church – completed. 
Final cost – $174,200.00

Priority 3 - Parking Lot - photo.jpg

Parking Lot – completed. 
Final cost – $171,821.00

Phase II

Phase II - Church Interior - photo.jpg

Church Interior: re-plaster and paint – completed. Final cost – $479,679

Restoration Update




Completed masonry work included cleaning, tuckpointing, stone replacement, caulking and patching.




Roof slates were replaced, gutters patched and gutter straps replaced.

Parking Lot Update

Parking Lot - before 2.jpg


Parking Lot - After 2.jpg


The parking lot was completed in July 2019.

Church Interior Update

Trans Window - before.jpg
Trans Window - after.JPG

The re-plastering and painting of the interior of the church was completed in October 2019.

Our Capital Campaign Teams

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